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Hanna Lubin

Arjoo Vishwakarma


Meet our engineering mind Arjoo. Arjoo joined as Quality control specialist and grew the organization ladder to take care of entire store operations Soft-spoken, well-mannered, and with a charm that could rival a wizard's spell, Arjoo has everyone in the office under his charismatic sway. Rumor has it, he could get away with a murder... just kidding, folks! Relax!

Always hungry for knowledge, Arjoo is the office sponge, soaking up new things and squeezing them into his work like a pro. Need an engineer who's part charm, part genius, and all-around awesome? Arjoo's your man!

Erin Calzoni

Niharika Sheel


Introducing Niharika, our mountain girl with a knack for turning work mountains into molehills! As the process wizard of Team Selligion, she transforms tricky tasks into a breeze, leaving the rest of us wondering if she's secretly wielding a magic wand.

With an engineering and MBA background, she's the task master everyone wants to emulate, but few can match! Juggling operations, coordinating with vendors, and spreading zen vibes with her yoga enthusiasm, Niharika is the multitasking marvel we all aspire to be. And, folks, if you're not in the office early, beware – Niharika's time magic might just inspire you to set that alarm a bit earlier!

Hanna Lubin

Reena Onkar

Accounting and Finance

Say hello to Reena, our accounting wizard with over 10 years of financial finesse! As Employee No. 1 at Selligion, she doesn’t just take care of the financial health of the company but also the wellbeing of the employees by making sure that the pantry is always full with some of the best snacks!

Her secret power? A smile that can light up even the most boring spreadsheets. Need financial magic with a side of snacks and smiles? Reena's your go-to guru

Erin Calzoni

Sunil Besra

Web Tech

Sunil , the code wizard with a heart that beats in binary. Armed with problem-solving skills that can make bugs disappear faster than a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat, Sunil ensures that his code runs smoother than a freshly brewed cup of coffee – and speaking of coffee, he's practically in a committed relationship with his favorite brew.

From Core PHP to the enchanting web frameworks like Laravel, Sunil has a passion for coding that’s hotter than a pixelated fire emoji.


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