Selligion mini pc Vs HP mini pc

In an era where smaller often means mightier, these pint-sized powerhouses have captured the attention of tech enthusiasts and casual users alike. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the perfect mini PC for your needs? 


Join us on this journey as we explore on a quest to determine which mini PC reigns supreme in the realm of Mini pc’s.

mini pc 



  1. Design and Dimensions:
  • Selligion Mini PC: Elegantly crafted with a minimalist aluminum chassis, the Selligion Mini PC exudes sophistication in a petite form factor of 130mm x 130mm x 45.5mm.
  • HP Mini PC: Flaunting versatility, HP Mini PCs arrive in various designs, each tailored to fit specific user preferences and requirements.
  1. Processing Prowess:
  • Selligion Mini PC: Powered by the Intel Gemini Lake J4105 processor, this miniature marvel boasts four cores and threads, complemented by Intel UHD Graphics 600, delivering seamless multitasking and multimedia experiences.
  • HP Mini PC: Offering an array of processor options, including Intel Core i7, i5, Pentium, and Celeron variants, HP Mini PCs cater to diverse computing needs, from casual browsing to intensive workloads.
  1. Storage Solutions:
  • Selligion Mini PC: Equipped with 128GB eMMC storage, the Selligion Mini PC ensures swift data access and ample space for essential files and applications.
  • HP Mini PC: From traditional HDDs to lightning-fast SSDs, HP Mini PCs offer a spectrum of storage choices, accommodating varying storage demands with ease.


  1. Connectivity Conveniences:
  • Selligion Mini PC: Seamlessly connecting to peripherals and displays, the Selligion Mini PC features USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, HDMI, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, and robust wireless connectivity options.
  • HP Mini PC: Embracing a rich ecosystem of adapters and cables, HP Mini PCs facilitate flexible connectivity, supporting a plethora of display configurations and networking preferences.
  1. Graphics Galore:
  • Selligion Mini PC: Harnessing the prowess of Intel UHD Graphics 600, the Selligion Mini PC delivers vibrant visuals and fluid multimedia playback, ensuring an immersive computing experience.
  • HP Mini PC: Elevating graphical fidelity with integrated Intel HD Graphics and optional AMD Radeon or NVIDIA graphics cards, HP Mini PCs cater to both casual users and discerning gamers alike.



So, which mini PC is right for you? It depends on what you need and what you like. If you want something sleek and efficient, the Selligion might be your go-to. But if you crave options and customization, HP has got you covered. Either way, you're in for a tech treat with these mini marvels.

However, the Selligion Mini PC shines as a compact powerhouse, offering a sleek design, robust performance, and versatile connectivity. It's a top contender for those seeking efficiency and productivity in a small package. 

Buy your Selligion Setup today!


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